Hello Stefan,

i and others got a mail telling me in October 202 they will changes 
secure access to Yahoo mail accounts. 
Does this affect The Bat?

They write:
   Access mail via Other Applications
   If possible, use the Yahoo Mail app or mail.yahoo.com. Since Yahoo 
   owns these services, we can ensure you're always using the most 
   secure sign-in technology when accessing your email.    
   If you'd prefer to continue using your non-Yahoo email application, 
   try removing and re-adding your account. Look for the Yahoo logo 
   when you go to set it up again to activate the secure sign-in method.  
   If removing and re-adding your account does not work, generate a 
   third-party app password to access your account. 

Is deletion of Yahoo account in The Bat and adding teh same enough?

Or do we need a extra password which has to be generated? 

   Sign in and go to your Account security page.
   Click Generate app password or Manage app passwords.
   Select your app from the drop down menu and click Generate.
   Follow the instructions below the password.
   Click Done.
   Use this app password and your email address to sign in to your email app

Can you please check this? Some relatives and freieds asked and were 
concerned to lose access to mails with The Bat!


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