Hello TBB,

 Since themes came out I have been using Smokey Quartz Kamri. I and some others 
have been having an issue where at random times TB! freezes and does not 
respond. By clicking away to another program and then coming back to TB! it 
starts working again.

 I think I have figured out the pattern. If, while reading an email that is 
fairly long and should have a scroll bar, sometimes the scroll bar does not 
appear correctly. An arrow appears at the top, but no arrow at the bottom and 
no scroll bar. If I read the email by scrolling using my mouse button it works 
fine, but if I move my mouse 
to the Right side of the screen it freezes.  

Can anyone confirm?

Best regards,
 Stuart                          mailto:skcu...@fastmail.fm
 using: TheBat! 9.3.3 64
 on Windows 10.0 19041 

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