Hello Ira,

On Thu, 5 Jan 2023 17:05:45 -0800 GMT (06/01/2023, 08:05 +0700 GMT),
Ira wrote:

>>> You can see the log by clicking the status bar in the main window.

Thomas>> And you can toggle the status bar on/off with shift-ctrl-L.

> Though I question the usefulness of the connection center at all then. The 
> transactions happen so fast there is no possibility to see anything and there 
> is no reason to not just limit the connection center view to the last event 
> or set of events or the last 1000 lines or something like that. There is no 
> reason the clear that log and every reason not to. I didn't know clicking on 
> the status bar would bring that up. I've probably only cared about that log a 
> couple of time in the many years I've been using The Bat, rarely enough I 
> would never remember a secret button like that.

You can hide it if you want. It is very useful for me.

> So as soon as I finished sending this message I clicked on the status bar and 
> it brought up an empty log. As I spend most of my time looking at virtual 
> mailboxes, I don't usually see a status bar with any information and at some 
> level was not even aware it existed.

Funny, I have  many lines of record there, and have also posted them here when 
I had a question.



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