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[*] Manual changes on HTML toolbars visibility in the editor are now reflected 
in new editor windows 
[*] Removed the confirmation dialog on stopping the search process in the 
Message Finder
[-] Tabulation didn't function in the Memo editor
[-] An Access Violation error message appeared when viewing certain emails with 
calendar events
[-] Gmail's web-interface displayed the № character in emails as № when 
sent from The Bat! using the PureHTML editor
[-] The "Paste from..." command didn't work in the RichText Editor
[-] Repeated opening of HTML-messages from "Outbox" resulted in changing the 
format to plain text
[-] Message text selection was barely seen in the PureHTML editor under the 
Choco Dark theme
[-] The search stopping confirmation dialog appeared twice when the user 
canceled the search process in case it had already been completed
[-] Manually typing a hyperlink and pressing the spacebar resulted in the 
change of the current font to Calibri in the RichText editor

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Stefan Tanurkov
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