Вы писали 28 июня 2023 г., 17:16:58:
> Howdy!

> Вы писали 28 июня 2023 г., 16:39:00:
>> Hello Белрус, 
>>> Let's think that events.cfg kills all. It still not shows my events in TB! 
>>> (((
>> The problem is with terminology. Those events that you think as of events 
>> are not events :)
>> They are stored separately and accessed using different API(s)

> Nope, that's exactly events from Google Calendar (main thread of events, I do 
> delete all others from "my calendars" threads*), not a tasks or reminders. 

> * it shows now only "main" native threads: main, contacts, family, tasks in 
> google calendar and TB! not shows events that I have.

10-4-0-9 bug is still here((

Best Regards, George Salnik
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