Hi All,

  Well,  as  you  can  see,  integration  of  new GUI system is mostly
  finished, so here is a short-time roadmap:

  29.04        TB! 3.5 (Return) Release Candidate 1
     It  will  differ  from  .20  only  with  bug fixes and ability to
     create/maintain   containers   in  customizer  and  re-design  of
     customizer.  So  any  input  on  show-stoppers, most critical and
     fatal  bugs are appreciated. Only thing I ask for is to make that
     input   organized  for  easier  understanding.  Good  example  is
     Peter/Boris  bug-list.  It  will be really good if every reported
     bug  report  will contain possible group, resume and comments, in
     IMAP : something somewhere goes wrong
            When  I press Z I expect to ... but happens ... I have ...
            enabled and everything else disabled
     UI   : menu item X is enabled while shouldn't be even visible
            It happens only then I'm using ... and ...
     and so on.
     It  will  be great, if anybody will collect them in one mail, but
     using  groupping. But since it is mostly impossible, I suggest to
     start  thread  per group, in example all GUI related stuff should
     be  reported  as reply to first-GUI-reported message. Subjects of
     such  reports  should  contain  bug-group info like "Other: AV on
     entering search".

     Hope  my  suggestions  were clearly enough :-) We are waiting for
     your input.

  2.05-4.05    TB! 3.5 (Return) Release Candidate 2
    Fix of non-fixed and fix of the bugs created by fixing :-)

  6.05-7.05    TB! 3.5 (Return) Final
     No comments :-)

  PS:   Thanks  for  everybody,  who  participated  in this beta cycle
  and whose input helped us to make new GUI more usable


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