Hello Max,

I used "Reply to all" for this message. My name was on the TO field,
yours in the CC, both with the TBBETA address. I ctrl-X'ed your name
(with the TBBETA address) from the CC field and crtl-V'ed into the TO
field, it showed your name with the TBBETA address as desired. The
moment I click into the body, the TO field is changed as above. That
happened three times in in row.

Can anybody confirm? I've never seen this odd behaviour before.

On Mon, 26 May 2008 21:31:21 +0700 GMT (26/05/2008, 21:31 +0700 GMT),
Thomas Fernandez wrote:

TF> Hello Maxim,

TF> On Sat, 17 May 2008 00:14:31 +0300 GMT (17/05/2008, 04:14 +0700 GMT),
TF> Maxim Masiutin wrote:

MM>> The Bat! is available at

TF> I just created a new account. The taskbar icon started flapping when
TF> the test mail was sent to the Outbox. That's not right. The flapping
TF> indicates new unread messages that have arrived.

TF> Flapping stopped when the message was sent.

TF> It started again when the BCC copy was received. Normal.

TF> But the flapping didn't stop when the mail was read! Closing and
TF> reopening TB! helped.

TF> This only happens with the newly-created account under beta 11, not
TF> with the old and established accounts.

Voyager also has a flapping problem with a new account. I
created the account and downloaded the messages that had already
arrived and marked all as read. The flapping (well, compass moving)
didn't stop. Closing and reopening Voyager helped.

I think the flapping code has a problem with newly created accounts.

TF> Comfirmations?

Anybody, please create a new account with a free provider, send some
messages to it, create the account in TB! and Voyager, download and
mark the messages as read, or put a message in the Outbox and see what
happens when it gets send.

If I get a confirmation, I will create a bug report. It's not that
serious, as the behaviour normalises once TB! is closed and reopened,
but still.



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