Hello, tbdev.

... Working on BayesIt! I met the question about internal structure of
TBB files. I work with the files using description extracted from an
open-source application which also uses TBB. I found these headers in
the application:

// TBB file header
struct tmbasehead {
    long Signature, SizeOfHeader;

// message header (inside TBB)
struct tletterhead {
    long Signature, SizeOfHeader, Unk2, TimeReceived, ID, Flags,
         Encoding, ColorGrp, Priority, MsgSize, Reserved1, Reserved2;

(all messages is one-by-one, from offet(tmbasehead.SizeOfHeader) and
offset+=tletterhead.MsgSize+sizeof(tletterhead) for every next

The question is: how is it possible to know total # of letters in
a TBB file? I mean if the short way exist (not passing all letters).

Also I never tried to investigate all letter's header's fields, but
some of them, I think, can be interested also. First of all, what
about TimeReceived? How to interpret this number (I mean, how to
extract the parts from it, or, at least, how to convert it to the
standard FILETIME or SYSTEMTIME structure?) Also, which field signs
that the letter is deleted? I suggest that it can be a bit in Flags,
but what precisely?

Using TB 1.63b11 on WinSrv2003 Enterprize (v5.2 b3790), spelling by ORFO2002 (CSAPI)


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