Sorry! I never tried to delete and add the plugin again. I fixed the
little problem and hope it works now perfectly. If it do not work
please send me directly a mail!



a new version of my filter plugin is available for testing purposes
with the following features:

- 3 different detection mechanisms (bayes, black-/whitelists, DNS-blacklists)
- really fast and near 100% spam detection rate
- less memory and harddisk consumption
- undo feature
- regular expression support for black-/whitelists
- excellent configuration possibilities
- spam statistics
- macro support


- fixed 2-3 little bugs
- enhanced undo feature
- added setups dialogs
- added macro support
- added spam statistics
- added DNS-Blacklist filter

Please read the readme.htm to get installation instructions!!!

Download: http://www.lkcc.org/achim/download/bayesfilter.zip

Achim Winkler                         mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]


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