Hi Andrew,

on Sun, 23 May 2004 21:17:18 +0300GMT, you wrote:

PM>> I have been using MyGate successfully for a while with a server that
PM>> requires a login. Now I want to use another server that requires
PM>> "anonymous" login, i.e., no login is required. I can download the
PM>> server's list of newsgroups with MyGate's login fields kept blank, but
PM>> I can't download messages with The Bat!. The lowest way of
PM>> authentication I can find is "regular", but in this case I'd need
PM>> "none". Is there any workaround?

AP> You should set 'regular' in The Bat! and specify no login and password
AP> in gate settings.

I did exactly this. Still, on every attempt at checking messages a
pop-up window appears asking for name and password. No matter what I
do or do not enter, hitting OK or Cancel, I won't receive the


The Bat! v.2.11 Beta/6, on Win98, 4, 10, build 2222, PII at 200MHz, 64 MB RAM


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