i decided to release a new version of my antispam filter plugin. The
following features are new:

- faster loading of the database
- scanning speed improvements
- new undo system
- logging function with logfile viewer
- new black-/whitelisting handling
- black-/whitelist editor
- faster dns blacklist filtering
- new hash algorithm for faster database handling
- autoinsert black-/whitelist function
- some parser improvements
- some bugfixes

Just download the new version from:

Be sure that you delete your old word database and undo database
(below v1.3) before you start the new plugin. Now you have to retrain
it and it is ready. If you want to keep the old database load it with
any editor and add 100000 as first line of the file, so that the first
three lines are numbers now.
To improve the speed of the dns filtering set the max. threadcount to
something like 40-50! I read somewhere that the count of significant
words is to low. Try a value of 150 instaed of 20 to get hopefully
better results.
Users with Secure Bat! should set the registry value SpamScore to the
same value like the settings "move a message to junk folder if score
is greater than"!

New ideas are always welcome. Mail them all!

Best regards,

Achim Winkler ([EMAIL PROTECTED])


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