Hello Jacek!

>> Can anybody confirm?
>  Yes, I know.

Good to know ;-)

> Plugin simulates shortcut keypress to invoke a filter. It may
> disturb shift key hold.

Yes, it looks like.

> You may try to define shortcut without shift key to resolve this
> problem... but it may conflict with other keyshortcuts that are
> combination your_shortcut+shift

I have changed it to <alt>+<ctrl>+<f> in both fields (Filter and
Plugin-settings) and it works fine.

But now the first drawn x-face is used in every messageheader. If
another x-face is defined its drawn over the first one. Ugly but
better than the other way with loosing the selection. :-)

>  sorry for my terrible english :-/
Have no complains - maybe mine is even worse.



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