i released a new version of the Bayes Filter Plugin with the following

- Added: more logging information (verbose logging)
- Added: complete restructured code
- Added: improved scan engine
- Added: scanning should be much faster than before
- Added: dns-blacklisting is much faster
- Added: reduced memory usage (~10-20%)
- Added: feature train on error
- Added: feature reduce noise
- Added: differentiation between normal text and regular
- Added: setup routine with update function
- Added: multilanguage support (thx to Alexey Vinogradov)
- Added: dns cache to make dns-blacklisting faster
- Added: second bayes algorithm (not public at this time)
- Improved: loading/saving of different databases on configuration
- Improved: update function of the setup
- Bugfix: enhanced thread safety
- Bugfix: little 0% statistic bugbix
- Bugfix: countless other bugfixes and improvements
- Removed: some nearly useless settings

Homepage: http://www.lkcc.org/achim
Download: http://www.lkcc.org/achim/download.php



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