Hello TB,

  Ok.. The TB Wiki site is up and running. Initially, I was going to
  wait a few days till we got stuff figured out (from an admin
  perspective on initial configuration, it's expansive), but we really
  need people to start using it so we can see what modules we need to
  add to allow people more flexibility. Sometimes we alone can't see
  all the angles.

  Head on over, play with it a bit. Don't start shooting us e-mail
  just yet on any errors you come across (there shouldn't be many) as
  we're still making changes to how it works in terms of
  functionality. The site is running on TikiWiki which is very, very
  impressive so far. The permissions section is huge, so if you get
  errors, those will most likely be the ones you get (in terms of
  saying you can't access that module).


  Have fun.

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