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 Ok.... Still not sure what happened, but I suspect there was
 corruption in the user table when I set Roelof as an admin while he
 was editing his account properties. The problem was it wasn't just
 the user table. Tiki Wiki has 192 tables in the DB. Each table has
 usually a minimum of 5 or 6 fields, and some with 20 some odd fields.
 Overall, there was just too much data to sort through to try and find
 the exact problem. I would be doing it for a week.

 At any rate, I rebuilt the site (got up at 3am this morning) at a
 slightly different URL. We had no data loss other than I could not
 import the user table over as something in it was causing the

 Apologies, but you'll have to register again.

 Other than that.. I believe I have the permissions thing figured out,
 so the permissions shouldn't be a problem anymore. I'll tell you
 what... The only other piece of software where I saw such granularity
 and complexity in permissions that was worse, is a Microsoft Project
 Server. That's an ugly beast to consistently configure permissions on.

 Here's the new URL.

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