Hi All

 Yesterday I developed new simple The Bat! plug-in to co-operate with
 Data Bases.

 It is available for download from http://szumi.one.pl/thebat/SQL page.

 SQL Plugin adds four macros:

%SQLQuery("SQL_Connection_String", "SQL_Query")

    This macro execute SQL query and return dataset as comma separated
    data in each rows or exception message in even plugin throw it.

    %_Query='select FirstName, LastName from Customers'%-
    %SQLQuery(%_ConnectionString, %_Query)%-

%SQLCommand("SQL_Connection_String", "SQL_Command")

    This  macro execute SQL command without return any dataset (it may
    return execute exception only)

    %_Command='insert into Customers (FirstName, LastName) values 
("%FromFName", "%FromLName")'%-
    %SQLCommand(%_ConnectionString, %_Command)%-


    This  macro  open wizard to configure connection string and return it.


    Returns plugin name and version number.

 It  is  first  beta version of this plugin. Some problems my occurred
 with it, also be careful! :)

Best regards, Jacek Szumigaj
The Bat! 2.13 "Lucky" Beta/6
Windows XP 5.1


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