a new bugfix version is available with the following changes:

- Bugfix: it is now possible to add the plugin to the bat without
loosing it after restart
- Bugfix: heavy bug in the delete routine of the hashmap
implementation (this should fix a lot of errors like loosing entries
in database after compression or reclassification of mails and loosing
entries of the black-/whitelist)
- Bugfix: fixed support of B_INCLUDE_LIST support for the regexp
- Bugfix: the REGEXP feature of the black-/whitelist works better
because the expression ".*" do not include new lines anymore

Your can download the setup file from my homepage or you can use the
update function of the plugin.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
  Achim Winkler (mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] | http://www.lkcc.org/achim)


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