Hello all!

> We will add zlib 1.2.3 export for the new version.

> Could you please tell us why do you need libpng and jpeglib?

1) I want to implement mail robot under The Bat allows many users to
register, request files via email, get image thumbnails (for preview)
and many other functions. This will be very useful for those who have
unlimited POP3/SMTP connection. And i think that it will be great to
minimize size of plugin and use maximum number of TheBat internal
resources :)

2) i think that jpeglib and libpng also will be useful in UMC plugin (i want
to make "image collector" feature allows user to collect all the
images from incoming mail at all accounts)

is it enough? :)))

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WBR, Stanislav V. Mikov, developer of UMC/UMX and UniNP for The Bat! :)


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