Hello all!

>   We would like to add some new features to The Bat! API to allow
> The Bat! Backup/Restore to save data by plugins, like spam/ham
> databases, etc. 
I do not think that it will be wide-used feature... Not so many
plugins are need to backup lots of files such as spam databases...

>   Do you have opinions how these new additions to the API should look like?
I think, something like that:

1. Function which is called when The Bat needs to invoke data from
plugin to backup (maybe, this function must return integer within
-1..100 - to indicate percents of completion, so if this function will
not return -1 (failed/backup not needed), it must be called some times
until plugin not return 100). This function also must return list of
filenames to backup. And this function need pass some plugin-defined
identifier so plugin can determine which kind of backup need to
perform (see below)

2. Function informs plugin that backup is executing so plugin must
prepare to restore it own data (for example, to suspend its activity)

3. Function returns to plugin list of files restored from backup. I do
not think that simply overwriting of files is a good idea so it is can
just return list of temporary file names restored from backup

4. Function to help the backup tool determine whether this plugin
needs backup option or not and optionally which kind of backup need to
perform, for ex:
[ ] <pluginname>: Backup main database
[ ] <pluginname>: Also Backup all registry settings, executables and so on

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WBR, Stanislav V. Mikov, developer of UMC/UMX and UniNP for The Bat! :)


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