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> Hi T'Buddlers,

> Change to list settings
> -----------------------

> I  have received the following request from Max Masiutin to modify the
> way  the  list  addresses  out bound mail and have changed the Mailman
> settings accordingly.

>> Please modify list settings for TBBETA and other lists so that all
>> the senders addresses (From, Reply-To, etc) are replaced to the list
>> email rather then the email of the person who sent a message to the list.
>> We have discussed this issue with you about two years ago. Now it is the 
>> time to make the change.
>> Otherwise, DMARC and DKIM give errors on messages that I send to the list.
>> Nowadays, when DMARC and DKIM are becoming more widespread and
>> strict, we have to make the change. Otherwise my messages are flagged as 
>> DMARC/DKIM-fail.

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