For Intel TXT client platform there is no SINIT ACM embedded in BIOS, user has 
to install client platform specific SINIT ACM to make tboot work on the 
For Intel TXT server platform, there always has a SINIT ACM in BIOS by default, 
but user have the chance to install a newer version of server specific SINIT 
ACM on your platform storage, like hard drive, tboot will check and use the 
newer version SINIT ACM among those loaded from hard drive and BIOS.

On the same page of TXT dev. Guide, there is also a line says “BIOSes that 
support this element type should report all ACMs that they carry; both BIOS 
BIOS ACM here refers to another kind of ACM from Intel, which is transparent to 
end user.

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Looking at the tboot source code it seems to support finding and installing a 
user-provided AC module. Is this feature actually used with recent systems or 
do all systems ship with an ACM installed?

I found the following line in the TXT development 

Since the TXT architecture requires that BIOS provide at least one BIOS ACM, 
NumAcms must always be greater than 0.

So it appears an ACM must be installed. Are there any known systems violating 
this constraint?

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