On Fri, Feb 06, 2004 at 05:08:15PM +0100, Zygmunt Wereszczynski wrote:
> On Friday, February 6, 2004, at 19:59:24 [UTC+0530] (Friday, February 6,
> 2004 15:29 my local time) K. Shantanu  wrote:
> > Can someone please tell me how to use Mail-Followup-TO header in The Bat.
> Customising header is possible only in versions above 2.0. If you have such
> version, you can add new header filed in "Options | Preferences | Message
> Headers". Having defined new field, you can display it in editor window and
> insert there appropriate address.

Yes I have version above 2.0. I went into "Options | Preferences |
Message Headers" and added an header. A menu box opened where I had to
state 2 things viz,
- name which appears in editor box for that header - I put
- rfc822 name where I put - Mail-Followup-To:

But this does not work. I cannot see this field when I compose a new
message. I tried putting just "MFT" for rfc822 field and then it worked,
but in the mail sent, the header was described as,
MFT: and not Mail-Followup-To: 

Can someone solve this?




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