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> Dear Sam,
> @17-Jan-2011, 11:22 -0500 (17-Jan 16:22 here) Sam Brown [SB] in
> said:
> ... <snip>
SB>> not sure if only this version) that the rendering of some images
SB>> seems to be broken. I took the following screenshot to demonstrate:
> ... <snip>
> This issue is reported in the BugTraq as a flaw in the current beta
> version.


So why did some Beta code, which is know to cause rendering of image 
failures, get released in a non-Beta update (i.e. v4.2.42)?

And which files from the previous version (v4.2.40) can we extract from the 
download and over write the bug ridden file with?  Or failing that, when 
will a new (minor) release happen to correct this rendering problem?

I did try re-installing the previous release, but it didn't seem to work.

Richard L de S Clauson
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