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Hi Jack,

On 7/10/2011 Jack wrote:

J> Hi,

J>>> I need to move TB from my old computer with XP to my new one with
J>>> Windows 7.

J>>> Using version 4.2.40

J> The problem seems to be with the path. My old computer uses e:\...
J> while my new one uses i:\....When I start TB on the new one, it says
J> it can't find e:\.... I checked the path setting for that account and
J> it is set to default, like all of the others. But I tried changing it
J> by browsing and clicking to the new location but it still fails. If I
J> restart and view the location in the settings it is correct, but the
J> errors still occur for those folders and no emails are found.

J> The email count for the folders is correct, showing there are X number
J> of emails in each. They are just not visible.

J> I tried another backup of just that one account and made sure all
J> sub-folders were selected and the include sub-folders box was checked.
J> But after restoring, the same thing happened.

J> If I use the maintenance center and try to repair those folders, it
J> says it can't be done because the message base doesn't exist.

J> Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can try next to get
J> these missing emails to display?

Try correcting the path in your shortcut.

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