Hallo Greg,

Op woensdag 28 december 2011, 1:37:13, schreef Greg Strong:

> I have a filter not working when using Folder > Re-filter . See
> below in quote box.

I altered the target folder and for me the filter functioned properly.
Though  at first it didn't because the test message was intercepted by
another  filter,  that  didn't  move  the  filter,  but  merely  added
something to the address book.
Therefore  you'd  better check your log to see whether your message(s)
is/are triggered by a filter that's listed above this one.

>  I believe the last license purchase was for V4. Is
> this functionality just broke, or am I looking at having to purchase a
> new license? If my memory is correct, I thought the license for
> version 4 was good for V5.0,

Unless  you  get  a  pop-up  about an expired license or an evaluation
period, your registration is still valid.

Groetjes, Roelof

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