On Tuesday, January 3, 2012, 11:44:45 AM, Julian Beach (Lists) wrote and
to which Dwight Corinn concurred::
>> So, if you are holding off on an upgrade because you are afraid that
>> TB! v5 will not be as good as your current version, my experience is
>> that the upgrade is painless. If you are expecting a new look and
feel to
>> the software, then v5 is probably not for you, however!
>I concur completely in your assessment of v5. 

Several years ago I attempted to use IMAP with The Bat ver. 4.0.18.  It
did not work well.  So, I reverted to POP and have had to bother with
downloading e-mail to two separate pcs.

Does ver. 5 now work better with IMAP?   

If I do switch to IMAP, will "IMAP" mail that is filtered appear to be
merged seamlessly with mail that has already been downloaded and
filtered to one of two dozen folders.

Avram L. Sacks
Using The Bat ver 4.0.18 on Win XP Pro sp3

Current version is 4.2.42 | 'Using TBUDL' information:

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