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IAW> RITLabs don't want to describe releases as BETA because they are not 
IAW> betas. They describe them as ALPHA yet the list footer added keeps 
IAW> saying 

An ALPHA version is a crude attempt at fixing bugs or adding new
features. It will be tested thoroughly in-house, to see whether it
fixes the issues addressed.

Once the in-house testing has been completed successfully and the
developers believe that everything works fine, a BETA version is
released to external testers. The reason is that everybody uses a
software differently, and even though the ALPHA testing concluded that
all is fixed, BETA testers will invariably find things that haven't
been fixed.

Not so at Ritlabs. ALPHA versions (i.e. versions that have not been
thoroughly tested in-house) are released to external BETA testers.

Personally, I am not confident that filters for POP accounts work as
reliably in v5 as they do in v4, but it isn't even adressed in BETA
testing any more. I wouldn't dare trying a release version.

Background: Some people advised on the BETA list that there are
intermittent problems with filters. Nobody at Ritlabs cared. I have
over 100 filters with several conditions each, sorting into well over
100 folders across several accounts, so this is a core issue for me.

The very reason I bought TheBat! back in 1999 and kept contributing to
the BETA list and kept upgrading was the superior filtering system.
But if that is not a priority for Ritlabs any more, I wouldn't know
why I should upgrade beyond the perfectly-working v4. The filters work
great in v4 (the best POP client in the world) but are not 100%
reliable in v5.

I cannot afford to try v5 until it is confirmed that the filters for
POP accounts are 100% reliable, as they are in v4.



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