> So, if you are holding off on an upgrade because you are afraid that
> TB! v5 will not be as good as your current version, my experience is
> that the upgrade is painless. If you are expecting a new look and feel to
> the software, then v5 is probably not for you, however!

I tried v5 as well, but then went back after many weeks. At first, v5 seemed to 
work fine, but the longer I used it the more nuisances I discovered. For 

- At some point I needed to use TheBat without Internet connection (on a 
train). It's a pain, I can't remove Flags, can't save messages (since it tries 
to save them in the IMAP outbox on the server, which is not available), and so 

- I work a lot with virtual folders. Working inside these folders has become a 
pain, since they get constantly refreshed and messages disappear, see 

- I also use quick search quite often. It used to work well in v4, but now 
doesn't, especially if you use several quick searches one after another, see 

I would recommend to everyone to stay with v4 if you can live with its bugs and 
don't want to risk trying out new ones :-)

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