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Friday, February 17, 2012, 9:58:50 PM, you wrote:

jtcu> The Bat! does not have a Paste Plain Text option. This means
jtcu> that text pasted in brings in the source formatting, and I have
jtcu> to spend some time removing this again, and it is sometimes
jtcu> impossible for HTML text.


Look at the bottom when you are in the editor. Somewhere it says
"Plain Text (MicroEd)" over here. If yours says "HTML / Plain Text" or
"HTML only" (which will be the case if you have set the HTML editos as
default) just click on it and choose one of the two Plain Text
editors. HTML text will be automatically converted...

jtcu> (No doubt someone will post how to do all this within TB!, in
jtcu> which case I can uninstall it again!)

Is this what you mean? ;-)


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