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On Friday, April 27, 2012, 12:38:16 PM, RS (FEDARA) wrote:

> It's  my understanding of the Agreement that you can install it on any
> machine  as  long  as you don't use both of them at the same time (ex:
> desktop as a main and notebook when you travel). When moving data I do
> export TBK from one machine and import it to a newly installed version
> on   the  other  machine. Takes me an hour to move it from one machine
> to  another  but is easier than looking for messages that were already
> filtered out to relevant folders.

Thanks,  RS.  I thought that was the case, but I could not remember. I
used  to  do  the same as you to move data between desktop and laptop,
but have been using IMAP for 5 years now.


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