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KR> As  I've  used  TB!  off  and  on through the years, I have never been
KR> successful  in  getting  anti-spam  and anti-virus plug-ins working. Now
KR> that  I'm  back  to seriously using it again, I'm trying to track good
KR> plug-ins--preferably free ones.

KR> Is  Regula  the  only  free anti-spam plug-in? If so, is there English
KR> documentation available anywhere? Similarly, is Clam AV the only free 
KR> plug-in?

Since I've never been able to get my brain to understand the difference between
IMAP and POP3 I may be speaking out of turn here.  I've used K9
(http://keir.net/k9.html) as mentioned by this group years ago on my POP3
account and have never had a problem with spam.  For reasons which I've yet to
understand, I get only about one spam message per month, if that.  But K9
usually traps it and moves it to my SPAM folder.  I say usually because since I
get so few spam messages, K9 might not have ever seen it before.

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