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Hi Chris,

On 11/18/2013 Chris Wilson wrote:

CW> Before I do so would someone storing messages in a separate directory
CW> please see if they see the same? I thought it may be keeping a copy of
CW> the attachment because *I* sent it, which would make sense as it
CW> should also show in the sent mail folder, but I have also tried
CW> deleting some messages from other people just sent to myself, with
CW> attachments. The attachments are not deleted. I see a security issue
CW> here, what if my wife finds these photos of my mistress, for example,
CW> that I thought I'd deleted <VBG> et cetera, et cetera....

CW> The bind outgoing blah blah tick box makes no difference either, I am
CW> not sure exactly what that's supposed to change.

CW> Thanks.

As I learned long ago the attachments folder must be a sub-folder of
the Account folder. Do a search in Help for "bind" and all your
questions will be answered.

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