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GS> Hello TBUDL,

GS> I have a few questions.

GS> 1)  Has there been many problems with the new v6?

GS> 2)  Is  there  a separate download for the 64bit version of TB? I saw
GS>     Maxim's email on 64bit version on TBBeta, hence question.

GS> 3)  Has anybody upgraded to the 64 bit version of TB without problems?

GS> Sorry  I  haven't  been  keeping  up with the list.  Too busy!

GS> I have upgraded the old WinXP to Windows 8 64 bit version earlier this
GS> year. Just upgraded to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8.0 with BAD
GS> experience. I thought it unusual for the upgrade of Windows taking
GS> well over the 1-2 hours per instructions. After the upgrade I found it
GS> unusual that a Citrix window was open when I only use Citrix to log
GS> into work remotely. I have huge concerns with security for work. After
GS> the upgrade I also didn't like the fact that I had to log onto MY PC
GS> using a Microsoft account rather than my password.

GS> Thank goodness for old disk imaging software for backup because I've
GS> now downgraded back to Windows 8.0. Given the bad experience with
GS> Windows I thought it appropriate to ask the question above before
GS> upgrading TB.

GS> Still using TB email client on my main PC after all these years. :)

GS> Take Care!

Only one little annoyance.

In Windows 7 you cannot put the Bat icon onto the task bar.



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