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GS> 3)  Has anybody upgraded to the 64 bit version of TB without problems?
In my computer it is unuseable.  It will not send or receive messages. There is 
still a lot to be done.

The 32 bit version is useable but at this stage gives little or no advantage
over version 5.8.10.

I give next a copy of what Maxim said when alpha testing started:

What's  new  in  this ALPHA (English):

1.  Support of IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) in email addresses.

2.   The  Bat!   version  6,  unlike  previous  versions, is a fully-Unicode
application.   This  gives  advantages  to the users that work with multiple
languages  simultaneously.   While previous versions worked mostly well with
multiple  languages  in  file  names, subject lines, etc., there were places
that  a  language  different  that Windows-default language “for non-Unicode
programs” might not work well in The Bat!.

3.   There  will  be  64-bit  version of thebat.exe also available alongside
32-bit version.

4.  There is a new sorting office option – extract files by masks.

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The   Bat!  v5.8.10  POP3,  on  Windows 7,
version 6 1, build 7601   and Service Pack 1

Current version is 5.2.2 | 'Using TBUDL' information:

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