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Hi Jack,

On 12/9/2013 Jack S. LaRosa wrote:

JSL> Jernej, I must confess to not understanding your reply to my
JSL> query.  I of course use TB!  to connect to my ISP for all
JSL> email activities.  I don't understand "POP3 server" or
JSL> "proxy".

The proxy refers to your computer. Some activity set up the
proxy. You need to look at what you were doing prior to getting the
error. POP3 is the protocol used to download your email to your
computer as opposed to viewing it on the server with IMAP.

JSL> However, I am in the habit of
JSL> shutting down and then restarting my computer every morning
JSL> so this may have cured whatever the problem was.

Rebooting is always the best "pill" to give a "sick" computer!

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