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> Close all open windows, left-click and drag the
> shortcut down into the task bar and release.  A dialog box
> should appear saying "pin to task bar" which it now should
> be.  Now delete the shortcut remaining on your desktop as
> it's no longer necessary.  That's how I got my TB!  shortcut
> onto my task bar.  The same can be done for any program on
> your computer.

The  only one requiring it seems to be TB!. I'll try later when I

> As far as the sudden slooooooowness, I can't help there.
> Your sig, maybe.  My sig looks like this:

Actually,  mine  is  very  much  simpler, but this is NOT the sig
which  is  indexed to this folder. Yes, I use the macros, yes, it
worked, not for months or a couple of versions, for YEARS.

I  haven't  had  a  chance  to dig around and find out where it's
getting  this  file,  or  why  it isn't honoring the links in the
templates.  It takes so long to plow through the mail and file it
manually that I haven't got there yet. Nor to the filters.

But  it  would  be  a  help not to have to load it manually every
time,  so  thanks  again!  At  this rate, I'm going to owe you my
first born son! lol!

Don't hold your breath ... I'm past the relevant age :-)



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