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T> On 12/12/2013 you wrote:

>> Well, I might be able to help with some of this stuff.

T> Jack,  I  just  did all that.

T> Filemgr  -  TB!folder - thebat!.exe - right click. Make shortcut.
T> Copy shortcut (drag) to desktop - right click

Actually you have to drag the shortcut all the way down into
the task bar before you'll see that "pin to task bar"
message.  If the task bar is accessible with the window from
whence it came still open, you can just drag it straight
down into the task bar from that window.  I didn't know if
you had the TheBat folder opened full screen or not.  You
don't really have to drop the shortcut on the desktop first
as I suggested earlier.  And, just to make sure, even if the
task bar is locked the shortcut can still be dropped into
it.  I just checked.

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