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>> Actually you have to drag the shortcut all the way down into
>> the task bar before you'll see that "pin to task bar"
>> message.  If the task bar is accessible with the window from
>> whence it came still open, you can just drag it straight
>> down into the task bar from that window.  I didn't know if
>> you had the TheBat folder opened full screen or not.  You
>> don't really have to drop the shortcut on the desktop first
>> as I suggested earlier.  And, just to make sure, even if the
>> task bar is locked the shortcut can still be dropped into
>> it.  I just checked.

T> I'll give it another shot then .. Thanks again!

Note that The Bat now uses its old icon for the task bar and its new
one for the desktop - 2 different icons for the same program.



 Using The Bat! v6.0.10 on Windows 7
6.1 Build 7601 Service Pack 1          

...Me, indecisive?  I'm not so sure about that.

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