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> Is it possible to selectively encrypt messages such
> that only certain messages that are sent out are
> encrypted?  

Yes. You can either do it manually before sending the message, or set 
it up in templates that are only triggered when writing to the 
required address(es).

> Will any attached files also be encrypted?

That depends. I'm not sure whether S/MIME encrypts the attachments.
With OpenPGP, if you use PGP-inline you would have to encrypt the
attachments yourself before attaching them but if you use PGP/MIME the
attachments get encrypted too.

> I have a client concerned about privacy and would like
> to be able to send encrypted messages to the client
> with attachments.   How does this work?  

Look in the help file and on the internet for "OpenPGP" and for 
"S/MIME". The Bat! supports both. Find out what the client 

> Can I encrypt
> only messages to him without encrypting my entire data
> base?   


> If I send him an encrypted message, how will he
> unencrypt the message?   He does not use The Bat.

> Can he send encrypted messages to me through his own
> e-mail client using The Bat encryption technology?

Quite a few email clients support S/MIME. Fewer support OpenPGP directly, 
but many do through add-ons, and any will if you cut and paste the 
encrypted text.

S/MIME and OpenPGP are examples of "Public-key cryptography". 

You both have to use the same protocol, but you do not need to both
use the same email client.

> These questions may seem incredibly naive, but I really
> don't know how this works.  The Help Topics facility
> talks in terms of having an encrypted database. 

That means that your mailbase is stored encrypted, rather than as
plain text. You can use that feature with or without encrypting your
messages in transit. The two are independent of each other.

> But, all 
> I want to do is to encrypt certain messages. Not all of
> them. If they were all encrypted, then anyone I sent 
> messages to would have to have a key to read them, 
> correct?

If you sent them all encrypted, that would require keys as you say. 
But encrypting your messagebase does not affect anybody else.

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