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Hi Ian,

On 7/14/2015 Ian A. White wrote:

IAW> What I did was search for a RapidSSL certificate (as this is what the
IAW> log showed. One of the links had what looks like a hex dump of a 
IAW> certificate. I did a copy and paste into a file and gave it a crt 
IAW> extension. THe one I used was RapidSSL Intermediate certificate.

IAW> I then imported this into my addressbook and it now works. The details 
IAW> show it has an expiry date of 2017, so that is around 2 years away. 
IAW> Hopefully, when that experiences a problem I will be able to get 
IAW> another one!

IAW> The joys of competition.

Thanks for replying and explaining what worked!

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