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Hi Leonard,

On 4/14/2016 Leonard S. Berkowitz wrote:

LSB> When sending a group e-mail, is it possible to omit one of the
LSB> addressees on an ad-hoc basis. Let's say that I remind this group of
LSB> our weekly meeting. Next week, at the weekly meeting, we plan a
LSB> surprise birthday party for one of the people. When I write about this
LSB> event to the group, clearly, I do not want to tip off the celebrant.
LSB> How do I sent mail to the group but omitting one person?

LSB> Sure if it is a small group, it is possible just to select from the
LSB> address book the people for whom the mail is intended, but a group
LSB> of 50? Ugh!

Open the address group. Highlight any address. Go CTRL+A. Hold down the
CTRL key and click on the unwanted address(s) to deselect them.

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