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Hi Thomas,

On 6/2/2016 Thomas Fernandez wrote:

TF> This is not threading, because I don't know how to reply on Gmail, only 
TF> how to create a new post. Sorry.

TF> I just tried to send a reply, and this is the log result:

TF>  02-Jun-16, 20:06:54: SEND  - TLS handshake complete
TF>  02-Jun-16, 20:06:54: SEND  - connected to SMTP server
TF>  02-Jun-16, 20:06:55: SEND  - authenticating (login)...
TF>  02-Jun-16, 20:06:56: SEND  - sending message to tbudl@thebat.dutaint.com
TF>  02-Jun-16, 20:06:58: SEND  - The last address submitted was 
TF> <tbudl@thebat.dutaint.com>
TF> !02-Jun-16, 20:06:58: SEND  - Message has not been sent. Server reply - 
TF> Requested action aborted: local error in processing
TF>  02-Jun-16, 20:06:59: SEND  - connection finished - 0 message(s) sent
TF>  02-Jun-16, 20:06:59: SEND  - Some messages were not sent - check the log
TF> for details

TF> I usually send to the list from this account without problems, so this 
TF> does look like a problem at GMX/1&1 to me.

Agreed... on shared hosting. I had this with Hostmonster off & on for
more than a year. Recently I spent the money to move my domain to a VPS
which seems to have removed the problem. I have learned that
authentication error(s) can be a catchall, not just for senders'

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