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A> I  just  finished  speaking with tech support for 1&1.com.  He changed
A> the  setting from "Secure to regular port (STARTTLS)" to "Regular" and
A> he changed the port from 587 to 25.  With these changes, I am now able
A> to  send  e-mail,  although it is now no longer encrypted.  His second
A> level  support  thought  my  firewall  or  anti-virus was causing this
A> problem,  but  that  makes  no  sense because both I and my wife began
A> having the problem at the same time even though we are using different
A> firewalls  and  anti-virus  programs.   (And someone on this list also
A> reported  having  the  same  problem!!!)   He promised to look into it
A> further.

I use Secure to regular port (STARTTLS) on port 26 with success.

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