Tuesday, August 30, 2016, 6:42:35 PM, Richard L de S Clauson 
(rich...@virbius.co.uk) wrote:
> For quite some time (probably over 2 years) dome of the HTML (formatted) 
> emails I receive are formatted very badly by The Bat!.
> What is happening, and mainly caused by large embedded images, is that the 
> email ends up much wider than the message plane in the 3-plane layout I use 
> can display (folders all down left side, folder content top-right, message 
> bottom-right).
> When I temporarily switch from "Use The Bat! HTML viewer" to "Use Windows OS
> HTML Viewer" the the email is re-sized to fit the Message plane.
> Are there any settings, including tweaking the underlying template or 
> definition or CSS files, that I can change to stop this really annoying 
> behaviour?
> Thanks,
> Richard

Is anyone likely to answer my problem (above)?

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