The  "resend"  option only seems to be in the "Message" menu.  It does
not seem to be visible by right clicking on the actual message.
The "Resend" in the "Message" menu sends immediately and does
not  give  an  opportunity to edit or even confirm sending. Is there a
setting somewhere that I have missed?

I  often have to send messages  that  are  similar  to previous ones, but the
attachment  is different and I need to add/delete lines in the message
body  accordingly.  I  thought  "Resend" would be a better option than
"forward" as it retains the email address I need to send to.

"Forward" actually works and lets me edit before confirming the send.

My version of TheBat is 7.3.2 and my OS is Windows 7 Ultimate


Current version is 7.1 | 'Using TBUDL' information:

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