This issue may be peripherally related to the previous exchange of
messages (DSN).

I am trying to write a Template for the Save operation that will
produce a text file with the entire raw message, as received by TB!

If it is a simple text only message, the Template:


works fine. (I'm not sure if the trailing %- is necessary.)

However, in a more complex message with HTML parts and/or attachments,
only the first, text part is output. This is especially problematic
since "Content-Type: Multipart/Mixed" is retained in the Headers

The only way I have been able to accomplish the task is through the
use of Export Messages, but that interface is poor and doesn't even
allow me to specify a file name.

I have tried replacing the %Text with %Body and %OBody and a few
others without success.

Does anybody know of a macro that produces the entire content of the
raw message?

Thanks for your attention,
Bill McQuillan <>
Using The Bat! 5.8.8 on Windows 6.2 build 9200-

Current version is 7.1 | 'Using TBUDL' information:

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