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> Dear Richard,
> @22-Sep-2016, 6:03  +0100  (22-Sep 12:26 here) Richard L de S Clauson
> [RLD] in said to TBUDL:  
> ... <snip>
>>>>> email ends up much wider than the message plane in the 3-plane layout I 
>>>>> use
>>> ... This is a bug in TB that was fixed 2 betas ago and is no longer
>>> an issue in the next release.
RLD>> Are you saying that if I now upgrade from 6.8.8 to 7.3.4 (the latest
RLD>> release) that emails formatted in the TheBat! HTML Viewer will look 
RLD>> and as good as those formatted in the Windows OS HTML Viewer?
> Essentially, yes.
> I wouldn't know whether or not they look "correct" since I haven't
> compared. All I can say for certain is that this specific bug was
> called out as a bug, addressed a month or so back in the beta version
> and has been fixed. This fix has improved my personal reading of HTML
> mails with embedded pictures to a point of near perfection rather than
> sprawling the message to the width of the largest picture and not
> scaling.
> I'm not certain of the release state of the fixed version.


That sounds excellent news.  One of my bug-bears with The Bat! was the way 
that it sometimes failed to render an HTML email in a sufficiently readable 
way when the sender was cavalier with the sizes of the images they supplied 
and slack with the HTML code they used to define their output/display.

I hope that this fix has also been replicated into the way emails are then 
printed.  Even if the Windows OS HTML Viewer rendering option is chosen the 
printing rendering reverts back to that of The Bat! HTML Viewer rendering.

I'll now put in for an Upgrade licence fron v6.x to v7.x.


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