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>>>>>>> email ends up much wider than the message plane in the 3-plane layout I 
>>>>>>> use
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>>> I'm not certain of the release state of the fixed version.
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RLD> I've now upgraded from v6.8.8 to v7.3.12, but not all the "extra wide"
RLD> emails are reformatted to fit inside the message pane of the triple-pane
RLD> window.  Most disappointed.

At  the  time  of writing HTML formatting had apparently been fixed in
the  latest  versions.  The BugTraq report has even been closed.

Since  then,  I  too have been disappointed to see images swelling the
HTML  again and have reported this to the developers. My apologies for
the mislead - entirely unintentional, I assure you. I will be pressing
RITlabs  to  re-open  the bug report to allow further investigation of
the issue.

Cheers -- Marck D Pearlstone -- List moderator and fellow end user TB! 
v7.3.12.4 (BETA) on Windows 10.0.14393

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