For each of my email addresses, I only have two filters. An "incoming"
to  move everything to a "not sorted" directory and an outgoing one to
save sent messages in a top level directory outside the "account".

I  only  use  "common filters" for the actual filtering and that works
when new mail arrives.

All the "common filters" have "share with" set to "select all".

If  I  set  a  common filter to "manual" and refilter the "not sorted"
directory for manual filters only, it works.

What  do  I  need  to  do  to  make eefilter work on that "not sorted"
directory without having to change all the existing (and any new ones)
to manual in "common filters"?

Help,  About shows Version 7.4 (64-bit) and it is of course a paid for
version.  The  OS  is  Windows  10 Pro, but I remember having the same
issues with Windows 7 Ultimate and a 32-bit (also paid for) version 7 of The 

I don't know whether it's Windows 10 or the 64-bit version, but all my
common   filters   disappeared  after  closing  The  Bat  properly and
rebooting my PC. I managed to recover them from a backup,
but  had  to  set  every one of them manually for the "share with" and
"select  all".  Thus  I  have  a lot of messages left over in the "not
sorted"  directory.  Strangely,  it  was  only the common filters that

Thanks in advance


Current version is 7.1 | 'Using TBUDL' information:

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