Hello Tbudl,

I usually use POP3, but I have a new email address and the
organisation gave me the log-in credentials:

User Name

Going to that website, I get a screen that says something about
Outlook Web Access, and the login and password work.

Trying to set this up in TB! as follows gives me the following error

>16-Feb-17, 08:20:01: https://xxxxx.org.uk; start the connect, 
>16-Feb-17, 08:20:01: https://xxxxx.org.uk; touch the inbox, userid: 
>16-Feb-17, 08:20:04: EWS:TreatErrors1: EwsFacade.cpp(1097) 
>EwsFacade::LoadFolder: Error 3 fault: Client-side error "Validation constraint 
>violation: tag name or namespace mismatch in element 'html'"
!16-Feb-17, 08:20:04: endpoint: https://xxxxx.org.uk; userid: 
xxx\thomas.fernandez; EwsFacade.cpp(1097) EwsFacade::LoadFolder: Error 3 fault: 
Client-side error "Validation constraint violation: tag name or namespace 
mismatch in element 'html'"; LibHandle: 1538523136
!16-Feb-17, 08:20:04: Cannot connect to the server. Server name 
"https://xxxxx.org.uk"; or account name "xxx\thomas.fernandez" were not accepted 
while configuring the message service.

I have replaced some letters with x'es for privacy reasons. Anyway,
what am I doing wrong?

Note: For Protcol Type, I chose "Exchange Web Services" when creating
the account.


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